Decorative mesh
Metal Coil Drapery
Ring Mesh
Metallic cloth
Chain Curtain
Aluminum Expanded Metal
Perforated Metal
Beads Curtain
““ type curtain
Stainless Steel Rope Mesh
Decorative Wedge Wire
Stainless Steel Rope Mesh
Stainless steel rope mesh, made of stainless steel cable, can be divided into two types according to the usage,that are animal enclosure mesh(use...
Metal Coil Drapery
Metal drapery, also named architectural mesh or metal fabric, is another kind of decorative mesh. Usually it ma...
Metallic cloth

 Metallic cloth, made of the flexible aluminum flakes and rings£¨is a new kind of decorative

Ring Mesh
Metal ring mesh, made of carbon wire or stainless steel wire, is another kind of new decorative materials in the modern architectural design territory...
Conveyor belt

    Conveyor belt, in conformity to the state standard (1B/TA28001), can work in very special wicke...

Chain Curtain
Chain Curtain (aluminum fly screens), made of aluminum alloy wire, is a new brand decorative material for home decor and daily beautify, it has brilli...
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