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What is the Mesh Laminated Glass?

What is the Mesh Laminated Glass?

Dear Designers:

Good days! Today we introduce the mesh laminated glass, It is easy to find the divider materials in the bathroom, like the Studio C102 s bathroom, their dividers is used for this kind of glass, it can against break and keep some privacy.

This is the wire
 Laminated Glass

   Brass color frame and with the wire laminated glass door

This creates a visually clean, private experience.

 Then what is the wire laminated glass?


. What is the wire laminated glass?


   Wire Laminated Glass (also known as shatterproof glass or wire glass) is a special glass formed by pressing a number of intermediate films or metal and wire patterns into the semi-liquid glass belt when ordinary flat glass is heated to the red heat softening state.  


Wire glass has a rich variety of expressive force, there are several kinds of wire glass: Embossed wire glass, polished wire glass,color wire glass and soon.  

 Recently, instead of the wire, there is one metal mesh laminated glass is more and more popular in the laminated glass. This metal mesh are very thin, it is usually is from 1mm to 3mm, with the different mesh weaving styles and different metal colors, the glass show you a unique feelings.


Usual specification of the Mesh Lamented Glass

Max size: 1830x2440mm, 2440x3660mm (or custom size).

Thickness: 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm etc (or custom thickness).

Color options: extra clear, clear, tinted etc.

Processing options: temperedpatterned or curved etc.

   The glass size are custom-made, so you can give us more correct size if you need it.

Production processing

The wire mesh rolled by pressing method is sent to the molten glass with the glass liquid through the upper and lower calendering rolls.

Therefore, it is more impact-resistant than flat glass and will only form radial cracks when it is impacted without breaking into slag   


  02. Material Characteristics


Mesh laminated glass can be made with different patterns and it can be customized production.




The impact strength is 5-10 times that of ordinary glass. Wire glass will not break into slag when it encounters external pressure and violent impact  


It can withstand the temperature difference of 300 deg C, it is 3 times that of ordinary glass. Although mesh laminated glass in the fire can produce burst, wire or mesh can support debris, which can maintain integrity to a considerable extent, prevent the flow of air and smoke diffusion, It will have a good blocking effect on the spread of fire.



Good properties of wired glass  

At the beginning, the mesh glass is used in the vulnerable to vibration doors and Windows, but in recent years it is more and more used in the application of indoor partition decoration. Beautiful and strong, peoples are not afraid of being hit, hit is not afraid of broken wounding  

ab.jpg d.jpg 

04.  Installation & Attention

Glass Sellection--cutting--pile up them orderly--Wipe the glass before installation--Scraping bottom putty-glaziery-Scrape the putty and clean the edges



During transportation, the glass shall not be placed horizontally or diagonally. The length direction should be the same as the direction of car transportation, and pay attention to rain and moisture protection.  

After being transported to the construction site, if it is not needed at once, it also needs to be erected and placed on the A type shelf, and stored in a dry room.  

2、Rust protection

The wire mesh surface of wire glass is specially treated, and most of our wire mesh glass are made of stainless steel wire, it is not easy to rust, but some of them made of copper and mild steel wire, the incision part can be in a state of no treatment, so the water will sometimes rust.  

3.When Installation:

The glass and frame should be filled with high-quality sealing materials. Silicone rubber or polysulfide rubber sealing materials are recommended  

4.Attention to joint:  

when installing a large area of patterned glass, it should be cut carefully according to the design pattern. The joint must be anatomized to avoid dislocation, loosening and skew.

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