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Mesh Laminated Glass

Metal Mesh Laminated Glass also called laminated glass wire mesh, it is the combination of high strength glass and refined structure metal mesh. Generally, the glass often adopts annealed glass or tempered glass, the embed wire mesh often adopts the decorative wire mesh or architectural wire mesh. Mesh Laminated not only has excellent ability of anti-attack and anti-seismic, but also protects people from injury. Thus it becomes a fashionable and practical decorative material in modern interior and exterior design. We are not only supplier of Inner-layer Metal Mesh, but also mesh laminated glass.


Mesh laminated glass is made by sandwiching one thin wire mesh between two or more pieces of glass. It is an exciting choice for wall partitioning or window glass.After special high-temperature per-pressing (or evacuation) and high-temperature and high-pressure process, the glass and thin wire mesh are bonded as integrated composite glass products. 

Partition walls of stainless steel wire mesh offer a versatile solution and varying open meshes can provide you with semi-transparency, high-transparency or opaqueness,back lighting or front lighting of the mesh screens will make it transparent or opaque.


★High strength & Excellent security: QingNing metal mesh laminated glass can resist continuous attacks from hammers, chopping knives and other murderous weapons. Compared with traditional laminated glass, our glass is embedded with metal mesh to make it resistant to attack and shatterproof performance. The inter-layer also prevents the debris from falling off, thus ensuring personal safety.

★Excellent sound insulation: The laminated glass of the inter-layer can block sound waves and maintain a quiet and comfortable office environment.

★Unique aesthetics: the combination of glass and metal grids makes the building more modern and artistic.

★UV resistance: Our decorative laminated glass has different materials and opening rates, which can effectively prevent direct sunlight, thereby protecting the aging of valuable furniture and items in the room.

★Energy saving and environmental protection: reduce the transmission of sunlight and reduce cooling energy consumption.

★ Our Mesh laminated glass with different kinds of wire mesh, it make the glass more beautiful and elegance.



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