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Spiral Flat Wire Mesh RMJ-7515

Spiral Flat Wire Mesh RMJ-7515

Open Area: appr. 33%

Flat Spiral Wire.: 5mm×1mm

Spiral Wire Pitch: 15mm

Crossed Rod Dia.: 5mm

Cross Rod Pitch: 50mm

Weight: appr. 9.65kg/m2

Max. Width: 11.5meters, Suggest width: within 4 meters

Max. Length: 20 meter, Suggest width: within 20 meters


Spiral Flat Wire Mesh RMJ-7515 is made of high quality stainless steel flat wires and rods. The flat wire or rods can be crimped or straightened first and then be assembled together.The edge is locked by the crossed wire, it can bear the mesh weight well. The flat spiral wire with a arc belly make the whole mesh an unique shape. Arc flat wires sharing the weight uniformly on the rods, so we can just hanging the top rods, then the whole mesh can be hold. The length and the width is not limited ,but considered the loading and package and delivery, we suggest within 4 meter width and 20 meter length.


★ Flexible: It can be bent installed width different shapes trough making a bent support rods.

★ More strong:Our mesh are light weight and the eye-bolt can bear the whole mesh weight.

★ Easy to installation: You just to making a metal structure or metal keel for inserting our eye-bolt.

★Nonflammable & Rustless: Our Metal mesh are made of stainless steel wire, it can’t be rust and flaring.

★Beautiful: It is more beautiful types mesh for interior or outer decoration in building.